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For experienced shop managers, dynamic assistant store managers, disciplined floor managers or multilingual sales people looking for a new career opportunity.

Retail Angels is the leading Belgian agency for the recruitment and selection of staff for the retail industry.

We try to assess the following 4 candidate dimensions during our recruitment & selection process:

  1. Personal characteristics: Integrity, Intelligence, Judgment, Passion, Communication style, Initiative, Energy
  2. Motivation: Because preferences about work environments, stress levels, challenges and team dynamics can vary greatly. People who are a great fit with the role and environment will find much more personal growth as they rise to the challenge of a job they enjoy.
  3. Skills: Skills like communication, feedback, delegating, project management, organizing and structuring work, the ability to handle change, etc.
  4. Knowledge: Mainly the candidates’ foundation and framework for gaining new knowledge, as well as their ability and willingness to do so.

If interested, please contact Bernard Hensmans, managing partner RetailAngels, by mail:

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